Educational History

Dr. Almasizadeh has the board certificate in orthopedic surgery from Iran University of Medical Sciences,
Arthroplasty fellowship from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Canada

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Courses and Workshops

Dr. Almasizadeh has passed advanced courses in the field of hip and knee arthroplasty, hip revision, and internal fixation of fractures of the acetabulum and pelvis.

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Professional Experiences

Dr. Almasizadeh performs arthroplasty surgeries, prosthesis revision, hip replacement with MIS and joint reconstruction surgeries in congenital disorders or different damages and diseases

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Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

In today’s life, with increasing life expectancy, the average age has risen. Aging also cause joint destruction and raises the statistics of orthopedic surgeries. In Iran, in the last two years, the number of hip and knee surgeries has increased %20 and %25, respectively.
Due to technological advances, advances in orthopedics is increasing day by day. Dr. Almasizadeh, as an orthopedic surgeon, tries to restore movement abilities and improve lifestyle with performing subspecialty arthroplasty (hip and knee replacement) surgeries.

Recent Service

Arthroplasty Fellowship in
Uniklinik Balgrist
Zurich, Switzerland, 2003


Arthroplasty Fellowship in
Klinikum Lahr-Ettenheim
Germany, 2006


Arthroplasty Fellowship in
Uniklinik Stölzalpe
Austria, 2008


Arthroplasty Fellowship in
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver, Canada, 2013



  • After several femur fractures, my grandfather couldn’t walk anymore and had lost his self-confidence. Thanks to God and the help of Dr. Almasizadeh, he does all of his own work and goes walking with his friends.Mauris tincidunt leo et orci eleifend, sit amet vestibulum massa lacinia. Morbi in magna elit. Fusce imperdiet semper gravida. Suspendisse potenti. Maecenas eu convallis nunc.

    Ahmad rezaee

Healthcare digital marketing

Healthcare digital marketing

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