Senator John Kerry Undergoes Hip Replacement

Senator John Kerry Undergoes Hip Replacement

Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry has undergone left hip replacement surgery. The surgery, performed by Dr. Dennis Burke at Massachusetts General Hospital, was actually the second hip the 66 year old Kerry has had replaced.
He had his right hip replaced in August by the same physician, and said he felt it had gone so well that he would now have the second hip done.
The 66-year-old Kerry decided to have the operation just after the holiday season to ensure “he’d be back on his feet for the legislative period later this month,” Wade said.
Kerry’s joints had become arthritic and inflexible from age and athletic activities. Kerry has built a reputation as one of the most athletic members of the Senate. He is known to participate in bike races and other strenuous physical feats.
The surgery lasted several hours before Kerry was moved to a hospital room. He will remain several days before being discharged and beginning outpatient rehabilitation.


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