Stop Knee Pain With Osteotomy

Treatment With Osteotomy

In a knee osteotomy, either the tibia (shinbone) or femur (thighbone) is cut and then reshaped to relieve pressure on the knee joint.
Knee osteotomy is used when you have early-stage osteoarthritis that has damaged just one side of the knee joint. By shifting your weight off of the damaged side of the joint, an osteotomy can relieve pain and significantly improve function in your arthritic knee.
this procedure aligns the knee joint so the healthy part of the knee surface is able to do more weight-bearing. This takes pressure off the damaged part. Damage is often due to osteoarthritis. This surgery may be done instead of a total knee replacement. While osteotomy does not cure conditions like osteoarthritis, the surgery may: Reduce pain, Improve movement, Postpone the need for total knee replacement surgery.

Candidates for Knee Osteotomy

Knee osteotomy is most effective for patients who are 40 to 60 years old. Good candidates have pain on only one side of the knee, and no pain under the kneecap. Knee pain should be brought on mostly by activity, as well as standing for a long period of time.
Candidates should be able to fully straighten the knee and bend it at least 90 degrees.
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are not good candidates for osteotomy. Your orthopaedic surgeon will help you determine whether a knee osteotomy is suited for you.

Advantages Of Osteotomy

Knee osteotomy has some advantages that is To transfer weight from the arthritic part of the knee to a healthier area, To correct poor knee alignment, To prolong the life span of the knee joint, By preserving your own knee anatomy, a successful osteotomy may delay the need for a joint replacement for several years. Another advantage is that there are no restrictions on physical activities after an osteotomy – you will be able to comfortably participate in your favorite activities, even sport exercise.


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